Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing Contractor in Reading, MA

Remodeling your basement is an excellent choice for a home remodeling project because it will literally double your available usable space.  You can add a bathroom, add a living room, add a bedroom or two.

Finishing your basement also contributes to a higher resale value of your home if you are planning to fix your home up and then put it up for sale.

Because of all that available space, there are several directions a homeowner can choose to go with their basement.  You may wish to turn those often unused areas of the home into more beautiful and functional living spaces for your family. In the case of a rental suite, you could even turn your basement into an extra source of revenue.

Generally, Basement Finishing projects are less complex than stand alone home additions because your basement likely won’t need any exterior construction, aside from a window installation or two. Your basement likely already has plumbing and electrical systems already in place, which can help keep costs down.  Finishing basements is a cornerstone of our business at Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman and something our skilled carpenters take great pride in.

There are many different directions we could go with your basement such as adding a home workout area, additional kitchen or bathroom, family room or playroom, and we can even add windows and proper lighting to brighten it all up.  Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman will work with you to design and build a basement that suits your living needs.

Basement Finishing & Remodeling

  • Basement Suite Conversions
  • Basement Office Construction
  • Basement Code Violation Corrections
  • Egress Windows
  • Basement Entrances
  • Basement Rec Rooms

It’s important to have a professional contractor look at your project to confirm that your basement is suitable for what you want to do. That way there won’t be any complications or unforeseeable issues with your project.  It’s nice to have a professional to bounce your ideas off of and receive helpful suggestions as well.

The options truly are endless but as you can probably tell you don’t want to trust your basement remodeling project to just anybody. Let Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman show you why we we’re different.  With a well thought out basement remodeling plan a finished basement can be a major plus to your home.  We can help you realize that!

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