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Custom Decks Built With Composite Materials

Composite decking is quickly becoming one of the most popular decking materials on the market.  Composite decking is actually manufactured using real wood fibers that are then infused with recycled plastics.  The resulting decking product is very strong and offers high resistance to the elements.  Composite decking already comes pre-colored as well so there is no need to sand and paint every few years like with traditional wood.

There are many different types and compositions of composite decking materials and for Massacusetts we tend to recommend materials that have a composite core, with a PVC outer.  This helps prevent the growth of mold which can be surprising for some homeowners who were under the impression that composite decking materials were immune to this problem.  They are most definitely not immune!

Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman is a full service home improvement contractor specializing in designing and building composite decks.  We can help you design, then build a beautiful new deck on your home or property using composite materials.

One of the clear benefits to owning a composite deck is that your maintenance requirements are drastically reduced.  Your deck maintenance will involve a thorough cleaning once or twice per year (depending on the mold/algae growth) with a pressure washer and that is pretty much it.  Your deck will look great for many years.

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Who Builds Composite Decks In Reading?

Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman is a full service home improvement contractor based out of Reading.  We specialize in designing and building beautiful decks onto Reading homes made with both wood and composite materials.  If you’d like to have us provide you with an estimate for your new deck then please give us a call or fill out the online form today.

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