Pathways and Walkways

Pathway and Walkway Construction

Would you like to build a pathway or a walkway on your property?  Landscaping is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home, or just make your own little eden in the privacy of your backyard.

One way to really enhance the landscape around your home is to include some pathways or walkways through your property.  Maybe you’d like a nice pathway leading out to your garden, or through your garden.  Maybe you’d like a new walkway built from your home to your new shop, or your driveway to your front door.   It’s a great way to add separation and clean cut lines to your property.

Often pathways and walkways are created using paving stones, flag stones, slate stones, gravel or even pouring concrete into a form.  Depending in the size of the pathway you’d like these can often just be small projects that a homeowner takes on themselves but there are many reasons you might want to hand off these duties to a professional.

Building Pathways and Walkways On Your Property

While it looks simple enough, laying down a pathway or a walkway through your property is actually a lot of work.  Sure, it’s easy to throw down some pavers and call it a day, but if you’re looking for a beautiful pathway on your property that will look great for many years it’s going to take a little more care and attention to detail.

First off… There is a lot of prep work involved with landscaping.  When you landscape your property you are essentially reforming your little patch of earth.  As you know the earth is constantly changing and your piece of property is no different.  The elements and mother nature are constantly working against you and contribute to the ground settling (or moving) and your new pathway eventually looking uneven, and not very nice.

When you hire professional landscapers to build your pathways and walkways you’ll have a feature on your property that will last a very long time.  Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman is a full service home improvement contractor specializing in outdoor landscaping and construction projects.

We’ll take the time to properly plan and prepare the ground for your new pathway.  We’ll lay down several layers of material to help prevent settling and anchor your pathway in place.  We also take the time to level off each paving stone properly and ensure their exact placement.  The end result is a beautiful looking pathway on your property that won’t be as susceptible to move out of place on you.

Pathways and Walkways We Can Build

  • Raised Paths
  • Concrete Paths
  • Paving Stone Paths
  • Slate or Flagstone Paths
  • Gravel Paths
  • Wood Walkways
  • Rock or Stone Stairs

Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman can take care of your landscaping project that includes the construction of walkways or pathways on your property, give Mike’s a call today!


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