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Pressure Treated Lumber is a popular and affordable choice for building your new deck.  Because it’s so readily available (and affordable) Pressure Treated Decking Material is probably the most commonly used wood decking material in the Reading area.

In fact according to some national surveys more than 80% of all decks built in the USA are made entirely or at least partially out of Pressure Treated Wood.  Even though a deck might have a different material for the deck surface or even a composite, they are still often framed with pressure treated lumber because of it’s rot resistance when in contact with the ground.  It’s very well suited for deck construction.

As a decking material Pressure Treated Lumber carries many benefits to the homeowner.  Treated wood decks still look great and the material is relatively easy for your chosen builder to work with.  It’s also available in many different grades of quality and is often found at your local lumber yards in ample supply.  You won’t have to wait for any special materials to arrive.

Mike’s Remodeling and Handyman is an experienced Massachusetts deck building contractor with many decks built over the last few years.  Many of those decks have been made with Pressure Treated Lumber as the framing and decking material.

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Building a new pressure treated deck onto your home or business is an exciting project that doesn’t take an incredibly long time to build and will make a big impact in how you enjoy and use your property.

We can actually complete most treated lumber decking projects in just a couple of days once we’ve started the project and once it’s complete you’ll have a beautiful looking deck for you to relax, cook, entertain or enjoy however you see fit.

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